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Move over book club, we've got wine tasting!

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How does a Life in Vino tasting work? 

Wine starts pouring from your computer, it just flows out of the keyboard...oh, ok that's not really possible *yet*. 


With a Life in Vino tasting, you''ll feel more confident talking about wine.  You get a top wine expert guiding you to say "Oh I finally get it!"

And we get there together. We taste the same wine, so you can follow along. You get your questions heard and explained until you get it. And you connect with other wine lovers, maybe even meet your next crush -- wine that is! 

You can join easily - just sign up for an upcoming tasting or get on the list for future events below.  Then you'll get an email telling you all - the wine to buy, snacks to pair and what to do. 

When your big day arrives, you'll join your wine expert and other wine lovers to swirl and sip together.  Hope to see you soon.

what people say

"I learned more about wine in this tasting than I have in all the other tastings I've done combined... and this was way more interactive and fun." --Jill

"Dini led a wonderful virtual wine-tasting session for C-Suite and VP members of Chief. Dini has such a deep expertise and knowledge and shares this information with some much joy and enthusiasm! Highly recommend her wine-tasting experiences."

--Katrina Conanan-Riel Programming Manager at Chief

“Thank you for a WONDERFUL evening. Brad and I both agree it was the best wine tasting we’ve ever done. So relaxed and enjoyable AND very informative. The perfect way to kick off his 40th birthday weekend." --Lisa

"We will do that again for sure. Thank you for making that so much fun!! Besides your fabulous presentation, your invites follow up and follow through are outstanding. Super friendly and professional. So glad I found you!!! 🥂🥂🥂" -- Renee

"Dini has a wonderful ability to make wine tastings fun and interactive, and informative yet accessible. We were honestly a bit hesitant on how well a virtual tasting would work for my wife's birthday celebration but we all learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves. The whole group - from wine novices to experts - raved about how engaging it was. It's not easy to corral a new group while keeping everyone on track and informing along the way but Dini knows how to pull it off seamlessly!" -- Sunil & Millie

"That was phenomenal! Dini and her virtual wine tasting were a really nice surprise for Mother’s Day. It was a really special treat as it was a great way to interact with friends during quarantine. Dini made everything so easy as she worked with us to figure out what everyone might enjoy. She took care of all the logistics and her recommendations were fantastic. All 6 of us who dialed in from all over the country had a terrific time and definitely want to do it again!" -- Aaron

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