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— Nicole

loves Chenin Blanc &

the San Francisco Giants


For the nearly 20 years I’ve known her, Dini has had a passion and flair for three things: food, wine, and hosting. She’s always been excited to engage all of my curiosity about wine— or just enjoy drinking it with me!


There’s no snobbery, just a genuine love of a good time, good people, and things that taste delicious. Go join one of her tastings - they are a true delight!

“I have been wine tasting with Dini since we were in college, and love her new virtual wine tasting programs!  They are fun, engaging and informative. Thanks to her, I've found new favorite wines that I have since shared with friends, and they have loved as well! 


You've gotta try this if you are a beginner wine drinker or a more experienced one looking to try new things!"

- Aimee, loves a big red wine and the Red Sox  

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