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Would you like 

TOASTING with yummy wines,

GATHERING friends, 

SAVORING bites and 

LEARNING about wine?


If yes, this is for you.

This Wine Tasting Kit is all you need to host your own wine tasting party.

You get an expertly crafted experience in your own home with:

  •  Expertly chosen wines to buy 

  • Perfectly paired recipes of what complements the wines

  • Step by step instructions 

  • A guided video to "bring" a wine expert to your home

  • Including a special wine game!

Having a fabulous wine tasting is now possible in your own home with a world-class expert. 

People have paid thousands of dollars for experts to do a wine tasting in their homes.

We are thrilled to offer this to you for $49 -- less than a night out!

You are going to love this.


Your wine party will be fabulous with my help! 

20+ years of leading wine tastings

Sommelier and Christie's wine auction specialist 

Wine tastings for celebrities, friends and British Royalty

Trained in culinary arts by chefs like Jacques Pepin and Julia Child

50+ YouTube videos on wine & party hosting


Does this kit include wine?
Nope, you "Just Add Wine" for your party. The kit does include a SUPER EASY TO USE link to buy 5 wines for your tasting chosen to give you new insights about describing wine and how to find more wines you will love. You'll buy 1 sparkling, 2 whites and 2 reds with your EASY TO USE shopping list. Shop like an expert in your wine store!


The kit also has a step by step guide to plan, shop for and execute the whole wine tasting party of about 8-10 people. You get recipes paired for these five wines, a video to show you how to make the recipes, a shopping list to buy the ingredients,  a tasting guide to use during the wine tasting including a wine game, videos helping you with the setup, cooking, opening and pouring the wine and a very special video to play during the wine tasting. Whew, I think I got carried away...


Your whole wine tasting will be guided by a video of Dini, a world class wine expert to help you learn how to taste wine, how to notice the structure of wine and most importantly how to figure out what you like and find more wines like that.  At the end you will have a clear idea of how to describe and find wines you like and have a ton of fun! 

What format are the videos and guides in?
Your videos will be available online once you buy the kit and you will also get a pdf with all the info you could ever want. You can download the videos or watch them online with your password. 


How much will the wine cost?

I suggest wines $15-20 per bottle and 5 bottles of wine - 1 sparkling, 2 whites and 2 reds for 10 people. This will work out to be $10/person for the wine and extra for the food.  I recommend budgeting at least $150. You could share this cost with your guests, have everyone bring something or host it all. I also give you the chance to change your budget per bottle if you prefer! 

Will there be more tastings?
Absolutely! This kit is just to get you started and then I imagine offering all sorts of follow ups based on what you request. Let me know on this form here.

Is this for beginners or people who know a lot about wine?
This is people who want to learn how to describe and find wines they love while having an awesome time with friends. I have been leading wine tastings for over 20 years and sometimes my guests have never tasted wine before and sometimes I have people who are experts. You will learn more than the book "theory" about wine tasting and have an expert teacher show you things like body in wine while you taste the wine. You will learn how to tell cool climate wines from warm climate wines and which ones you like. If that sounds like a party to you, this is for you.

What if I don't like the kit?
Well, you will be the first to tell me that. I'd be happy to refund you as long as you are willing to share how I can make it better for others!

Should I wait to buy this until I know when I will have a party?
No! I have tools and suggestions for you to find a date, figure out who to invite and more.  Remember the "Just Add Water" cake mixes where everything you needed was there? Well this is that -- with everything you will need. 

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