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Move over book club, we've got wine tasting!

Wine Tastings enjoy friends & life more. 

Host a Wine Party

For those who love gathering friends,

our DIY "Just Add Wine" Tasting Party Kit is for you.

 People pay thousands of dollars for experts to do a wine tasting in their home. This Wine Party Kit is all you need to host your own wine tasting party. 


You will  taste wine with friends, guided by our expert videos.

Try a Virtual Wine Tasting

Come see how fun our wine tastings are! 

You can join online from anywhere.

Want to come?

Dini Vino


I'm Dini "Vino" Rao and I started Life in Vino to create more laughter, friendships, and joy in our lives through wine.  In 20+ years of leading wine tastings, I love the way they bring people together and show us how to appreciate life.  More...

What people say...


— Sunil planned his wife's birthday celebration as a virtual wine tasting


Dini has a wonderful ability to make wine tastings fun and interactive, and informative yet accessible. We were honestly a bit hesitant on how well a virtual tasting would work for my wife's birthday celebration but we all learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves.


The whole group - from wine novices to experts - raved about how engaging it was.


It's not easy to corral a new group while keeping everyone on track and informing along the way but Dini knows how to pull it off seamlessly!

Would you like to learn how to taste and describe wine?  Let us know and we will send you our FREE guide with super easy tips to help you find more wines you'll love and give you more confidence. 

Thank you!

Questions? Reach out to us at 

Want to learn more about wine? See our videos on YouTube

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