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Canned Wine (A Better Way To Drink Wine?)

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

If you’ve been around, you’ve seen this whole wine in a can thing ebb and flow. I’m not one for the latest trends but now that these are clearly here to stay, I thought I’d better find out - is it good, what are the best ones and how do you keep it?

First - the benefits of wine in a can are clear: you can take it camping, on picnics, served at a BBQ and they are easy to keep stocked in your fridge. You don’t need glasses, corkscrews and you aren’t paying for the expensive glass bottle, which means the wine can be a better value. And they are much more sustainable than glass. The only downside - will I look like a fool?

Well, it is possible. I mean there must be a reason why has been stored in glass for all these years?? Well yes, there is a good reason, which is glass preserves wine better over time and it doesn’t interact with the wine to change its flavor. This made sense when wines were meant to age, like back in Thomas Jefferson’s time, but not so much now when most of us drink our wines before the night is over.

So now for the taste test - Is it good?

In my video below, you will see that I tasted a whole lineup of canned wines and actually found MANY of them very tasty. I thought the taste wouldn’t be as good when drinking straight from the can, but it turned out to be just fine!! The only downside is that from the can, I can’t smell the wine as well so I might pour the can into a glass if I am sipping at home.

Does it go stale? Wine in a can doesn’t have an endless shelf life and these puppies are meant to be consumed young. So don’t age it and drink it within a few months of purchase.

Why is canned wine tasty? For this, I went to my friend Bruce Schneider who has been doing some of the very best work in innovative wine packaging. He makes this incredible wine called the Gotham Project which has its home here in New York city or kind of just outside NYC in New Jersey.

What I find amazing about Bruce’s operation is that he is just 100% focused on bringing great quality wine to consumers in a way that preserves the winemaker’s artistic craft and in a way that leaves as little impact on the earth as we can. The result is this gorgeous sustainably made Pinot Grigio from Sicily.

So there is a full range available in cans from the large production Budweisers of wine to these small artisan wineries trying to be kind to the Earth. I bet that wasn’t the first thing you thought of when it comes to canned wines.

Now if you want to try some canned wine, don’t subject yourself to doing all the testing because I’ve done that for you and created a complete review of over a dozen kinds of tasty canned wines that I found. Click on the link here and I will send it to you for free. Go ahead and get that now to get started.


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