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What to wear wine tasting

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Recently people have been asking: what do I wear to go wine tasting? Whether you are traveling to go wine tasting in wine country, going to a wine dinner or wine tasting at home with one of my virtual wine tastings, there are plenty of fashion considerations.

While I am an expert in many things, especially wine tasting, I know nothing about fashion. So I went to a Harvard Business School classmate that I admire, Divya Gugnani who is CEO of Wander Beauty.

We broke it down into 3 scenarios and as a special bonus she shared her tips for looking good the morning after the wine, too.

Tasting in Wine Country

For this scenario, Divya recommends something light and flowing like a flowery dress to keep you cool, but nothing too short that would make it hard to sit down for a picnic in the vineyards. She also showed me how to use a nice bronzer and Wander Beauty's Translucent Setting Powder that isn't messy to use on the go.

Wine Tasting Party

Whether you are hosting your own or going to a party, something long and black without sleeves is both sleek and practical. No wine will show up if spilled and the sleeveless dress will allow you to move between glasses or get your last minute cooking in without a hassle. Divya's beauty tips for this one are fabulous, so watch the full video to see them all. My biggest takeaway is to go glam and use some metallic eye shadow.


I am in LOVE with the Finnish concept of Päntsdrunk - drinking wine at home as a form of self-care. When practicing self care, you sometimes want to look good but be comfy. Divya had some fabulous stretchy pants she wore and she also told me about the multi-tasking beauty magic wand of the Wander Beauty On the Glow Blush and Illuminator. With one piece, I was able to feel pretty quickly.

And finally the coffee for your eyes is Wander Beauty's gold eye mask - I have invested in many of them!

So if you are now ready to do some wine tasting, join one of my free online wine tastings - taste wine from the comfort of your home with an expert! Check them out HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this post and video. It was a little different than my usual, so let me know if you liked it or what you would like to see next. Live and drink well!


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