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Gifts for Wine Lovers (Give The Perfect Gift)

Do you want to know the best gifts for wine lovers - even if it is you? I give you my FREE guide with links to all the products that I am going to show you so your shopping will be a breeze.

I’ve got gift suggestions for 5 categories of wine lovers - your wine guzzler, the connoisseurs, the hostess, wine parents and the wine traveler and a bonus at the end that will work for ANYONE.

This first group is for the lushes or wine guzzlers!

Remember beer pong, I was thrilled when I found that Prosecco pong was a real thing. I mean, what a great way to spend time with family or entertain for a party even in the summertime.

I also found these cool ornaments that you can fill with wine or booze, a functional wine bracelet for those picnic or discreet sipping needs.

Then my personal favorite - the wine caddy for the shower. Hello, steamy wine shower.

Onwards to our next wine lover category - the wine connoisseur.

This is the person who might have a wine collection or has a lot of wine books at home.

Two of my favorite books for these kinds of wine lovers are the Billionaire’s Vinegar. It reads like a novel all about the world of counterfeit wine and Peter Liem’s book about Champagne. I met Peter when he was researching this book in Champagne and let me tell you there is no geekier and researched book than this one.

A couple of really cool gadgets for these folks are things like this Coravin. I talked about that in my video about the best way to keep the wine fresh once you’ve opened it. This is great because it allows someone to take a taste of their fine wine, decide if it is mature enough and then be able to wait years before opening the rest of the bottle. Super high tech.

And then if you have any of those friends who just seem to have everything - I bet you can still impress them with a set of port tongs. You got it, these are straight up Medieval and after heating them over a fire, you use them to snap off the top of a port bottle or you could even buy a Champagne saber.

In my guide, I will give you links to buy all these.

So tell me - which do you think is cooler - to saber a bottle of Champagne or use port tongs?

The 3rd wine lover for gifting is the Hostess with The Mostess:

Let me tell you that as this person I would love to get this wine carafe set. It is beautiful and will make a wine tasting party so easy to set up.

She will also need beautiful wine chillers like this one, a Champagne stopper and I find every hostess always needs more wine glasses and most don’t already have beautiful dessert wine glasses like these ones. Or if you prefer to take her a bottle of wine, I have a separate video about that too.

That brings me to my 2 last categories - the wine parent.

For this Mama or Dada, unbreakable glasses are key, especially these ones that are hard to spill like ones from GoVino. Anything that helps preserve your wine is also good for these wine parents who fall asleep after one glass. I have awesome suggestions for those open bottles in the free guide below or you can learn about them in my Video - How to Keep Wine Fresh.

Lastly the beloved wine traveler:

Protective wine sleeves are great to help this person travel with all the wine they buy, this book about 52 weekends in wine country or I love a combo gift of a spill-proof picnic blanket and airplane safe cork puller. Add a canvas personalized bag as an extra bonus.

Now for that all around best wine gift that will work for ANY wine lover? Ta Da! Wine Folly Book.

If you want the full list of gift recommendations for all these types of wine lovers and the links to buy all these gifts really easily, click on the link here. Trust me it will make your special celebration so much easier, so go ahead and get that free guide here.


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