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Wine Pairing with Chocolate (Treat Yourself!)

Wine and chocolate pairing kind of seemed too good to be true. But I had to know - is the combination actually any good? The first thing I considered when pairing chocolate with wine is that there are very different styles of chocolate and I wanted to think about what the main things are that would create a great pairing.

So the things that we know about chocolate are that a) there are a lot of different styles creating different flavors b) it tends to be bitter and c) many are sweet.

When I did a Halloween candy and wine pairing video last fall I tested out typical kids candy types and one viewer Deborah asked that we do something with gourmet chocolates, so for this, I picked out a few enticing kinds of chocolate.

Now that you have a taste for food and wine pairing, you might be ready to start trying your own. If you want, I will send you my free guide to wine & food pairings that will help you ace this skill. Just click here and I will send it to you.


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