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The BEST buttered popcorn for your wine

In case you missed the memo from Olivia Pope, buttered popcorn and wine is EVERYTHING.

Not only is it a pandemic-friendly pantry staple, but the salty, buttery richness of the popcorn just calls for a glass...or bottle of wine.

The key to the pairing isn't so much the wine you choose - in fact try whatever from Pinot Noir to Sauvignon Blanc - BUT getting that buttery popcorn taste without the soggy popcorn.

Well it was a challenge before I discovered the BEST buttered popcorn of my life. Thanks to a random suggestion, I tried using ghee - clarified butter stocked in giant vats by an Indian and easily bought or made for the rest of us.

The beauty of using ghee is that it has a higher smoke point, so no smoke detectors will be set off AND it doesn't make the popcorn soggy!!!!!

Ghee is simply butter with the milk solids removed - so you can melt a few tablespoons in a pot and then skim off the white parts from the top. Now, add your popcorn kernels and pop away.

For some delicious flavorings, toast any spices in the ghee before adding the popcorn kernels and you'll see how the flavors come alive - herbs de Provence with garlic, turmeric and cayenne or everything bagel seasonings are all delicious with sea salt.

Once the corn is popped to tasty, crunchy perfection, pop those wine corks and thank me later.

For added entertainment to your evening, skip the endless search on Netflix and join one of my interactive virtual wine experiences. You'll learn, sip and have a blast.



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