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Wine Pairing with Indian Food (Enjoy The Perfect Wine)

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Sometimes the easiest way to pair is to go with what the locals do. Aside from beer and scotch, Indians LOVE red wine. You would think given the warm temperatures in the air and the food, it would be white, but nope - when I spent time researching wine in India I found that most Indians love Shiraz, Malbec and Italian red wines. I think these do go well with Indian takeout food because of the richness in those dishes and the intensity of berry fruit in these wines. I especially like Chianti or Barbera with Indian take-out.

Now, I’ve gotta say that you non-Indians out there should be warned. Wines with increased tannins to them - the bitterness you get in black tea, well those tannins make food taste even spicier. So this is not for the faint-hearted.

I think this is why my friends who aren’t Indian always say “I like Riesling with my Indian food.” Riesling often has a sweetness to it that will calm down that spiciness. But if you are like my family that is the opposite of what we want - so choose - do you want to turn up the spice or turn it down?

Comment below with your preference - more spicy or less?

Personally, my palate is somewhere in between - I love a wine that has enough intensity to stand up to the complex Indian flavors and I like something that will add acidity to the meal the same way I like to squeeze lemon/lime over my curries. So my very favorite Indian food wine is . . . Albarino! If you don’t know this utterly refreshing white wine from the Northern Coast of Spain, go seek it out and enjoy it with your next curry.

Of course, another consideration for Indian food is what kind of Indian food is it? Saying I like Indian food is kind of like saying I like movies - there are so many types! The best, simple solution I can give you for this conundrum is my Wine & Food Pairing chart that will make it simple for you to personalize your wine preferences to any style of Indian or other foods.

Click on the link here and I will send you my free wine pairing chart. It is going to give you everything you need to enjoy your Indian meals even more.


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